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U-Tech Medical was established in July 1994 by a biomedical engineer primarily as a specialised medical equipment service company and dental equipment service company. Since then the healthcare industry has increased demands on service, validation and calibration to local and international standards. At U-Tech Medical we have grown and continually developed our service to meet with customer demands, and today offer a unique level of product and standards knowledge. This includes offering technical support in the procurement, installation, maintenance, in-service testing and repairs of medical devices. We service and repair all types of medical devices and are sales and service agents for a range of medical test equipment.

Technical expertise


U-Tech have a team of well trained and qualified electronic technicians or engineers. Our biomedical technicians are located in several states. Our technicians receive extensive training in biomedical repairs and biomedical equipment calibration by the manufacturers of medical instruments and test equipment who have chosen us as their service partner.

Before becoming one of our field service technicians, our staff require minimum qualifications such as electronic trade certificate, associate diploma in electrical engineering or advanced diploma in electrical Technology. Some staff have over 25 years’ experience in medical equipment servicing. U-tech Medical services and repairs medical equipment Australia wide.

We are appointed as authorised service agents for medical equipment suppliers Australia wide. Many of these companies have approached us to service their equipment because of our reputation in the industry. We pride ourselves in high quality service to our clients and maintain an extensive inventory of second hand medical equipment in several states that we use as loan equipment to our clients if their equipment requires extended repair.
Unlike other companies, who offer medical sales and service of a narrow range of medical instruments, we are an independent service agent so we can test, service and repair most brands of biomedical equipment and ensure that instrument calibration is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s and industry standards.

We are an independent biomedical service agent that are sought after by equipment suppliers and preferred by many of today’s independent biomedical service engineers. We are the authorised distributor of a range of medical test equipment including Safety Analysers, Patient Simulators, Defribullator Analysers, NIBP Simulators, Pressure Test Meters and Infusion Pump analysers. All of the equipment we sell, we use ourselves so you know it has passed a stringent evaluation because our business depends on it. . We are also specialists in servicing and repairing autoclaves for day surgeries, dentists, doctors and hospitals.



The U-Tech Medical team is committed to providing the most relevant up to date service information and solutions for the healthcare and related industries.

We undertake repairs and corrective service to biomedical equipment for doctors, dentists, day surgeries, physiotherapists, hospitals, Occupational therapists, life saving organisations, hospitals, medical education facilities and other biomedical engineers. Other services we provide include performance verification and safety testing, preventative maintenance and servicing medical treatment areas.

Quality Assurance


We will maintain our ISO 9001 accreditation by maintaining all systems that are in place and we are aware of how much that means to our reputation. We also comply with Ipro-Live, online vendor management systems providers, and with Workplace Health and Safety requirements.



Our main aim has always been to provide experienced prompt technical service to the Australian healthcare industry. The company’s expertise in the field of biomedical engineering ranges from simple battery operated devices, through to the latest high technology biomedical equipment, such as Heart/Lung machines and Cardiac Lasers, used for by-pass surgery.


The GP & Dental equipment we service includes autoclaves, medical treatment areas, gas regulators, and all kinds of biomedical equipment and medical equipment, ensuring it is restored to the manufacturer’s specification even if it is well used medical equipment Australia wide.


We establish programmed maintenance schedules for all the equipment we service so that it is maintained in compliance with the myriad of Australian standards that apply to the servicing of our biomedical devices.

In addition, we also service other healthcare equipment including ultrasound equipment and many other biomedical devices and precision medical equipment.


It is no coincidence that calibration of your biomedical equipment by U-Tech Medical is achieved with a minimum of fuss and why the majority of private biomedical engineers in hospitals prefer that their biomedical equipment is serviced by U-Tech Medical.


Our systems have been developed by incorporating feedback from our customers over many years in combination with a commitment to technical training to ensure that you are protected from an unpleasant experience when servicing you biomedical equipment.


That’s why we’ve produced our free report outlining the common mistakes medical professionals make when selecting a biomedical service engineer, it shows exactly what to look for when considering engaging a biomedical service engineer.

Service Provider Comparison Checklist


Please download our “Service Provider Comparison Checklist” it contains the questions to ask when comparing service providers and will help you to make the best decision possible when selecting a biomedical service engineer to maintain your biomedical equipment to the manufacturer’s specification.

A sample of the many manufacturers and corporate clients we serve