Autoclave Verification

Temperature versus time during a complete sterilisation cycle, at 3 temperature points, using test loads. Confirmation of cold spot temperature, pressure leakage test, water/air filters inspection/replacement, biological testing, dry cycle temperature testing. Electrical safety testing and tagging is included on the reports.

One temperature/pressure cycle and 3 biological cycles, depending on option selected.

The process will stop when a failure or error message occurs and the corrective action will be discussed with the on-site manager or owner. No additional work will be carried out without approval.

Validation shall be repeated annually and every time significant changes are made. Changes in packaging or loading specification, which would provide a greater challenge to the sterilisation process.

Yes. The warranty of equipment is not related to the validation and PM. Validation is also a requirement after completion of repairs or after any re-calibration.

This is not required, however if you would like to read a summary of the standards please click here Management programs for medical equipment if you wish to purchase the AS-NZS-4815-2006-386513 the Complete standards document click here to buy on line

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Cold spot verification cycle needs to be performed by technician only once for each autoclave. Next verification service will not incur any cost relating to cold spot measurement.


Two additional biological test cycles must be performed during the validation process. This may be performed by the U-Tech Medical Service Technician, (at an additional cost), or by a suitable qualified practice member.

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