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Authorised Service Agencies – Autoclaves


Since autoclaves have become a mandatory requirement for sterilization of instruments, for Medical Centre and for accreditation, U-Tech Medical has been testing and validating for compliance to Australia Standards AS4185.


As the autoclaves have become more popular, the demand for service, preventative maintenance and performance verification has also grown. For over a decade, U-Tech Medical has developed a strong relationship, with the leading manufacturers and suppliers of benchtop autoclaves, typically used in Dental and Medical practices.


Testing and Verification guidelines for owners of Autoclaves used in Medical and Dental Clinics.


Your autoclave is designed to sterilise reusable instruments used in medical and dental surgical procedures. As an owner and user of an autoclave it is your responsibility to ensure safe provisions are in place for the use of sterile healthcare products. Confirmation that the autoclave has been verified and is performing accurately, reliably and within the manufacturer’s specifications and service intervals, is also your responsibility. As a guide, the Australian Standard, AS4815, is used by operators, manufacturers and service providers, as the industry standard for office based medical and dental facilities.


As a responsible service provider, U-Tech Medical works within the guidelines of this standard, plus the manufacturer’s preventative maintenance/service requirements, to ensure that your autoclave is accurate, reliable and able to meet the Australian Standards and accreditation requirements.


How we can help?


We can review your autoclave make and model, and then provide you with a recommendation for verification, preventative maintenance and on-site repairs as needed.


With our calibrated test equipment we can provide accurate and traceable test cycle verification results, as required by AS4815 and by independent accreditation groups.


We can advise on the age and condition of your autoclave and recommendation on the expected life, so you can plan a replacement program before the autoclave becomes non-serviceable.


Mocom Autoclaves


U-Tech Medical currently hold a Service Support Agreement. Mocom is a global company and has been supplying and supporting the Mocom Autoclaves in Australia for man 10 years.


U-Tech Medical’s technical team, have received factory training and are certified to install, service/repair, and complete preventative maintenance/verification on Mocom autoclaves:


To learn more about Mocom Autoclaves click here


Lisa Autoclaves


U-Tech Medical and A-dec Australia currently hold a Technical Service Partner agreement.


A-dec Australia is the supplier of Lisa autoclaves in Australia.


U-Tech Medical’s service technicians have received factory training and are fully certified to perform installations, repairs and performance verifications on Lisa autoclaves.


To learn more about Lisa Autoclaves contact an A-dec Dealer In Your State

Stern Webber Autoclaves


U-Tech Medical have received factory training and are fully certified to perform installation, service, repairs and performance verification on Stern Webber Autoclaves.


To learn more about Stern Webber Autoclaves click here


Prestige Medical Autoclaves


U-Tech Medical has been servicing Prestige Autoclaves since they were first represented in Australia in 2002.


During that time U-Tech Medical has serviced provided, validation, parts and repair service.


U-Tech Medical is equipped with backup loan equipment and consumable parts.


To learn more about Prestige Autoclaves click here


Tuttnauer Autoclaves


U-Tech Medical has been servicing and validating the Tuttnauer brand autoclaves since signing a service partner agreement with Gunz Dental back in November 2008.


Parts and service information are readily available, and U-Tech Medical is equipped with backup loan equipment and consumable parts.


To learn more about Tuttnauer Autoclaves click here


Other Brands of Autoclaves supported by U-Tech Medical


As well as holding authorised service agreements with the major brands of autoclaves, U-Tech Medical can also service and validate a long list of other lesser known autoclaves brands


We can service and provide technical support and providing parts are available, repair as needed.

Temperature versus time during a complete sterilization cycle, at 3 temperature points, using test loads. Confirmation of cold spot temperature, pressure leakage test, water/air filters inspection/replacement, biological testing, dry cycle temperature testing. Electrical safety testing and tagging is included on the reports.

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One temperature/pressure cycle and 3 biological cycles, depending on option selected.

The process will stop when a failure or error message occurs and the corrective action will be discussed with the on-site manager or owner. No additional work will be carried out without approval.

Validation shall be repeated annually and every time significant changes are made. Changes in packaging or loading specification, which would provide a greater challenge to the sterilisation process.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the correct service company:

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Or simply ask one our customer service team members on 1300 488 324

Yes. The warranty of equipment is not related to the validation and PM. Validation is also a requirement after completion of repairs or after any re-calibration.

This is not required, however if you would like to read a summary of the standards please click here Management programs for medical equipment if you wish to purchase the AS-NZS-4815-2006-386513 the Complete standards document click here to buy on line

U-Tech Medical is a Biomedical Technical Engineering Services Company and proud to be an ISO9001 Certified Service Provider.